Responding to Research

   These are some pages from sketchbook documenting the way in which I have responded to the various research I have undertaken and have tried to personalise my findings.

After viewing the documentary 'THIN', reading the shame edition of the magazine 'Vestoj' and examining Natalia Pereira's work 'Dismorfobina', I realised that a huge part of eating disorders was this discomfort with one's own body.  I would like to try and represent these emotions in some way in my designs e.g. with the use of restriction or uncomfortable fabrics.

In order to gain more first hand research I also carried out a questionnaire to find out which areas of the body women are most self conscious about. With these answers I created a series of illustrations communicating this idea by exaggerating these parts of the body - areas which I will definitely concentrate on when it comes to designing garments.

I thought that it was important to recognise this current and prevalent issue of young girls having 'thinspirations' to whom they aspire to model their body from and the way in which they encourage each other to obtain 'thigh gaps' via pro ana blogs and forums. In an attempt to fight back I have taken the idea of a 'thigh gap' to the other extreme by planning garments which have no gap at all between the legs. I want to try and show that despite not having the 'optimum body shape', you can still appear beautiful.

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