Final Designs

I narrowed down my designs to a four look capsule collection which I then presented as a proposal to my tutor and peer group in order to choose two final outfits to construct. I ended up merging the trousers from look 3 with the jacket from look 1 as well as the entirety of look 2.

Technical Drawings of Final Outfits 

Look 1 

Top My top was inspired by the idea of body dysmorphia and illusion vs. reality. The slim fitting black bodice represents the real shape of the sufferer, whilst the excess green mesh shows how large they believe they are. I intend to create the black body in leather but will have to carry out some testing. However I feel that this fabric would work really well, especially combining the idea of restriction.

Trousers The trousers follow the idea of fighting against the idea of 'thigh gaps' and seeks to show the total opposite silhouette can be equally beautiful. They will be constructed in wool (itchy), with the middle panel made in a soft napa which I feel will represent skin but still look beautiful and luxurious.

I have also thought about the idea of connecting the sleeves to the trouser legs which will further restrict the user. This mirrors the mental thoughts of the sufferer, their eating method of 'restricting' caloric intake and the way that their life in general is restricted as a result of their illness.

Look 2

Jacket This jacket was inspired by the idea of 'love handles', an insult people often inflict upon themselves and others. Again it features a contrast between excess fabric and tight restriction. The collar comes right up to the chin in order to emphasise the idea of restriction and suffocation - the inability to breathe due to the oppressive nature of an eating disorder.

Trousers Like the top in Look 1, the trousers represent the idea of a dysmorphic perspective of the body - this time the black mesh is indicative of the false reality whilst the green shows the true silhouette.

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