Shoulder Dysmorphia

These photos were taken for DIS magazine as a humorous response to the unrealistic silhouettes found within fashion and the worry that the exaggerated shoulder shapes would lead to new cosmetic procedures in order to stay 'fashionable'.

'No need to feel bleak in the face of Balmain-ia; simply broaden your bones with a built-in bonus procedure.'

'Get the Lanvin look for life, with an auxiliary bone ruffle implant.'

'Cadaverous McQueen configurations come custom with cartilage collarbone extensions.'
'Grind down shoulder blades for a gaunt Givenchy guise.'
"Bone up on shoulder silhouettes for Spring 2010.
It is no small secret that an elite handful of homosexual men are responsible for the self-esteem of millions of women worldwide. The ever-expanding exacerbation of shoulder silhouettes in women's ready-to-wear will not only continue on its grotesque path into the grim future, but consumer anxieties over natural shoulder inadequacy will skyrocket, forcing women to undergo startling new surgical procedures, season to season, in order to keep up with the newest designer shapes. Bone up (literally) on shoulder dysmorphia for Spring/Summer 2010."
- DIS magazine

Photography by Marco Rosco

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