The Mind is Powerful

How can something so physically small, perhaps even non-existent have so much power over something so large?

I decided to visit the Hunterian Museum in order to draw the brain, home of the mind and look at the physical aspects of what affects the way we think. These shapes or textures may inform my silhouette.
"I had not known before how usual and necessary a thing it is... to gaze straight at anybody to whom one is speaking and to gaze with no embarrassment... He is aware of just what he looks like: therefore you feel intensely that he is aware that you are aware, and that some unguarded glance of yours may cause him hurt. This, then, is the patient at whom you are afraid to gaze unflinchingly; not afraid for yourself but for him."
Ward Muir, The Happy Hospital, 1918  (On looking at patients with facial wounds)

I found this quote interesting because it related back to the idea of appearance and insecurity and many of us have felt this way before, perhaps not to the extreme of war wounds but slight noticable imperfections.

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